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Update #19 – 18 July

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The following is a selection from the dozens of guidance documents issued by the UK Government.
Most of these documents were updated following the 17 July announcements on the further relaxing of ‘lockdown’.

FAQsWhat you CAN & CAN’T Do    (updated 17 July)

Re-opening of Businesses and Venues  (updated 17 July)
– provides links to specific guidance for different types of business / venue.

Social Distancing  (updated 17 July)

Review of Social Distance Guidance & how to reduce risk   (updated 26 June)
–  includes example mitigations when adopting the “1m+” approach.

Guidance for households with possible or confirmed coronavirus symptoms (updated 17 July)


Outbreak Control Plan for Cumbria

Cumbria County Council have published its draft “Outbreak Control Plan”.
In three parts it describes Cumbria’s approach to managing future outbreaks of COVID-19.

CCC's COVID-19 Outbraek Control Plan

Parts 1 and 2 are now open for public consultation.  People have until 31 July to provide feedback on the plan.  Following review of consultation feedback a final plan will be adopted by Cumbria’s Local Resilience Forum and will form part of the overall Cumbria Emergency Plan framework

  Antigen Testing & Contact Tracing


See these NHS pages for latest information on asking for a test, plus how the new Test & Trace system will work should you prove positive.

COVID-19 Testing in Cumbria

Find full details of testing centres in Cumbria at NHS North Cumbria CCG.

  The NHS coronavirus (COVID-19) page includes the latest health information
about how to protect yourself or check if you need medical help.


Community Support

No doubt you will have your closer friends and neighbours who can help out should the need arise.  But, if you find yourself needing additional help, it’s not daft, silly, or being a nuisance to shout out.  It’s just being part of the community. 🙂

So, if you have any concerns, need support with shopping, prescriptions or just someone to talk to please get in touch with:

Community representatives are all here to help you with your day to day needs through this very difficult time.


…or, Here is another way to ask for assistance:

Asby Parish Message Service logo
Asby Parish Message Service has 170+ subscribers.

If you would like to request some help from your local community simply click on the button below.  Ensure to include your name, contact information, and details of your requirements.


NOTE:  You can request support for a friend or neighbour who doesn’t have internet access.
Obviously do get their permission before using this service in that way.

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  Financial Support

COVID-19 & Finance

Need up-to-date information on Government Business Support schemes?
Perhaps you have been ‘furloughed’ and are uncertain how this is all doing to work out?  Or you may be self-employed and unsure what assistance is available to you?

On 8 July the Chancellor made his ‘Summer Statement’.   For an update of the most recent changes in grants, loans, furlough and other financial support as relevant to Eden District check out this updated document (10 July).


If you have been affected by coronavirus, you might be eligible for support from a range of sources, including the county council,, Citizens Advice, district councils and more.

Check this page from Cumbria County Council.


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 Farming Support


The Farmer Network have launched a support line for coronavirus. They can offer farmers advice and support on topics including support schemes, sourcing supplies, preparing contingency plans and finding emergency labour. The helpline number is 01768 818865.

COVID-19 Support flyer


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Support CumbriaSupport Cumbria is an official collaboration of partners across Cumbria who are working together to provide community support to residents who are struggling to access basic or essential services during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.  Please go to their website to volunteer your services.
It is also liaising with our local NHS to urgently provide volunteers for their COVID-19 Recovery Centres.  Click here for details.

Togther we canHelping in your Local Community

This pack is for the people across Cumbria who are stepping up to the challenge of ensuring their
communities are well supported during this challenging time. It aims to provide guidance and
information on ways to provide help safely, with links to other reliable sources of information where you might want more detail.


But stay safe whilst helping others.

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Every Mind Matters10 Tips to help if you are worried about Coronavirus

The COVID-19 outbreak means that life is changing for all of us for a while. It may cause you to feel anxious, stressed, worried, sad, bored, lonely or frustrated.
It’s important to remember it is OK to feel this way and that everyone reacts differently. Remember, this situation is temporary and, for most of us, these difficult feelings will pass.
Here are 10 ways you can help improve your mental health and wellbeing if you are worried or anxious about the coronavirus outbreak.


World Healt Organisation Logo

Those nice people at the WHO have also produced some guidance on helping children cope with stress during the COVID-19 outbreak.
It’s just a single page of clearly written advice.
Download a copy here.



Currently we are all having to get used to the new way of living, personally and in our working lives.  For many of us this can be a difficult thing.  If you experience anxiety this can be a particularly tricky time.

But there is help out there, so please do reach out.


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Staying in Touch (with Zoom)

Zoom LogoWith almost everyone spending most of their time at home it is inevitable that we are missing normal social contact.  Sure you can speak to someone on the phone, but wouldn’t be nice to be able to see them as well?  And how about several family members and friends getting together for a good old chinwag, or a quiz, or to play a game even?  Zoom is a great way of doing all these things.  It’s free.  It’s simple to install and use.
Getting Started with Zoom, version 2” explains how, and even includes a 1 minute video to demonstrate its use.

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Local Food & Drink


Howgills delivery protocolHowgill Butchery & Deli / Stephenson’s Fruit & Veg
…deliver to Great Asby Village Hall every Friday afternoon.  You can place your order with Howgills (017683 51644) between 9am & 2pm (no later than noon on a Thursday).  Your order will then be delivered to your door by Dianne, Jamie, or Fitz.  Please do check Howgill’s full ‘delivery protocol‘.


Kath Earl Bakery  Kath Earl Bakery
Kath Earl Bakery will no longer be delivering to the village as they are back at Appleby and Kirkby Stephen markets.  However, they are offering a “click and collect” service from the stall in Appleby on Saturday mornings.
Please visit their website for more details.


 Young’s Fresh Fish
To place an order for fresh fish with Young’s, (Warren and Zanette) please call them on 07864 943344.  The orders will be delivered to The Three Greyhounds on Friday morning and can be collected from the pub on Friday between 12 and 1pm.



UpdatedThe Three Greyhounds

Exterior of Three Greyhounds

Takeaway dinners between 5 & 9 on Thursday to Saturday evenings.
Pre-ordering is essential so that a time slot can be arranged.  
Download their latest  Takeaway Menu. (16 July)
Remember you can now have a drink whilst you wait. So why not pop in a little earlier than the chosen time slot and enjoy a chat with friends?

NOTE: Whenever possible, please rinse and return the plastic containers used to serve most food.

Mo’s Kitchen

Updated  Mo’s Menu of the Week

A big “Thank You” from Mo for all your support over recent weeks.
However she is taking a break from her Friday takeaway service for a while.

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Quarantine through Art

  “Nessun Dorma”

Get your ‘Fix’ Online

With half the world on ‘lockdown’ many artists, galleries, theatres and the like are making their work available free-of-charge online.  So take a break from the cleaning, the gardening (have you got a backache yet??), or trying to get that elusive Sainsbury’s delivery slot, and enjoy some of from the list below.


Listen to some of the world’s best Classical orchestras live-streaming, or that have made their concert archives available online.   Click here.


  The Aurora are a British chamber orchestra who give virtuoso performances that verge on theatre.  For a start, they play entirely from memory, and standing up!  “Aurora Play” is a new digital series showcasing the best of their orchestral adventures online.  With new performances twice a week, you can subscribe online to their Youtube channel.  There you can also experience their ways of making classical music more fun and accessible, especially to children.



National Theatre at HomeUpdated  Free full-length plays streaming on YouTube.  A new play streams live every Thursday at 7pm, and is then available for 7 days.  Don’t miss this week’s final play, starting 16 July, we have Amadeus.  Peter Shaffer’s iconic play had its premiere at the National Theatre in 1979, winning multiple Olivier and Tony awards before being adapted into an Academy Award-winning film.

Click here and subscribe to the National Theatre Home channel.


Pentabus Theatre CopanyPentabus is a touring theatre company whose plays particularly relate to rural life.  Many of their performances take place in village halls – you have seen them in Kirkby Stephen?  Every Friday at 2pm another recording of their work is uploaded to their website.  Try the very funny “Here I Belong”.  Staged cabaret style, it tells the story of Elsie’s life over six decades, from the coronation in 1953 to her birthday party on the night of the performance.


Roustabout TheatreLuna: a play about the Moon.
50 years since man first walked on the moon, Roustabout present a glorious celebration of our relationship with our closest cosmic companion.  “A brilliant 60 minutes of pure boisterous fun“.  Available free to watch until 22 April.  Click here.


Museums & Galleries

British Museum Logo

The British Museum is just one of the many world renowned organisations that allow you to view their treasures online.  As a starting point, check out this list of a dozen virtual tours.  Click here.


  The 50 Best Virtual Museum Tours Around the World
A list of 50 world-class museums that offer virtual tours that you can visit from the comfort of your own home.   The list is divided into four sections: art galleries, natural history, science and technology, and history museums.
This article has details on each one as well as information on how to do the tour.


Arts Society

Arts Society Connected

The Arts Society are making available online, free weekly ‘Lectures at Home’ under the banner: “Arts Society Connected“.



…or Why Not Learn Something New!

The Open University
There’s probably some topic you’ve been dying to learn about for ages; well now’s your chance! The Open University have a wide range of free short courses on all manner of things, including the Arts.  Click here.


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  Get Creative


If you are looking for something creative to do at home, whether by yourself or with kids, this is the website for you.

Its list of activities covers masses of stuff from creating giant bubbles, through modelling with marzipan (personally I prtefer it on a fruit cake) to joining  a virtual choir or dance programme.



100 Activities to do during School Closures

100 Activities to do at Home during School Closures

A page with lots of stuff, from making a bracelet out of duct tape, through simple science experiments, to making your own video play.

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Penrith – Traffic Alterations

Cumbria County Council been working to prepare a temporary traffic management plan for Penrith; to play our part in this strategic centre opening for business safely. Due to the great progress we’ve made we feel in a position to be able to install an emergency version of this plan for the first Saturday of the shops opening ie. Saturday 20th June.

This has been put together very quickly and it won’t be perfect straight away, there will be teething problems but these will be dealt with as they occur. In the meantime, purpose made signs will be manufactured and as these are delivered will replace the emergency signs in the coming weeks.

Penrith – New road layout/restrictions.  (PDF)
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Virtual Travel

OK, so you may be putting off organising a summer holiday with all this uncertainty at present.  But why not lose yourself in a bit of ‘virtual travel’?  First up, a collection curated by Travelzoo.

20 Amazing Places You Can Visit Without Leaving Home

Travelzoo LogoJoin a Live Safari in South Africa, or a 360 degree deep dive with sea lions.
Walk the Great Wall of China, tour the Palace of Versailles, or the Sistine Chapel.
Spend a few minutes (or hours) anticipating the arrival of the Northern Lights, and wondering at their awesome spectacle, via a Live fed from Manitoba, Canada.  …and all without getting cold!

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Protecting Yourself


Learn how COVID-19 is spread, and how you can protect yourself
from its spread.

You’ve been washing your hands all your life,  you don’t need
to be told how to do it.  Right??


World Healt Organisation Logo
More advice on the WHO website.

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Cumbria-wide Support

Cumbria Emergency Support

(Click on the image for more information.)

(Click on the image for more information
on services such as child care,
highways, and household waste.)


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Social Distancing v Self Isolation

BBC NewsThese two phrases have become part of all our vocabularies just recently.  We are all being asked to practise ‘social distancing’ and some of us ‘self isolation’.
This BBC News article explains clearly what these two phrases mean, and who should adopt which approach.


…or as “Queen” Might
Have Put It

Turn the volume up,
and be sure to listen right to the end!


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