Cookies and your Privacy

Cookies & your Privacy

This site uses cookies – small text files stored on your device.  Most websites do this; they’re here to make the site work better for you and to allow us to analyse how it’s being used.   Under EU Cookie law we are required to gain your consent to their use and to provide information as to how you may manage them.  You can delete these cookies if you wish, but some aspects of the site may not work correctly, or as efficiently without them.  (For example, you may find that you are asked to login more often, or you may be unable to play videos.)

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Specific Cookies Used

  • Google Analytics Cookies — These cookies are used to track how people use the site; however, all this data is anonymous and does not record you personally.  These cookies include _utma, _utmb, _utmc, and _utmz.
  • Account Cookies — If you have an account or comment on this site, cookies are used to verify that you are the same person when you are logged in, and to record your preferences/capabilities. These include cookies beginning with wordpress_ and wp-settings-.
  • Cookie Message — Once you have been informed about cookies, one is stored to record that you have seen the message, and it won’t be shown again. This cookie is named icc_cookie_message.
  • Security Cookies – security software on this site will record such things as whether you appear to be a human or a robotic process.
  • Third party Cookies – some of the data on this website rely upon third party facilities, notable YouTube, Twitter, and Dropbox, for their storage.  These sites will generate cookies to allow you to access them and make efficient use of their resources.

Links to external Websites

This website contains links to external resources e.g. Eden District Council, Cumbria County Council, or the Met Office.  When visiting these sites they too will create cookies.  If this is of concern you are responsible for managing these cookies, or refrain from visiting these external sites.


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