Planning Applications for Asby

The Parish Council’s Role in Planning

Asby Parish Council takes an interest in applications which affect its area, and regularly makes representations to the local planning authority.   As of 1 August 2016 this has been the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority (YDNP).

Whilst the parish council is not normally a statutory consultee in the determination of planning applications, YDNP have a charter which commits them to consult parish councils and take their views into account.  This gives the parish council some considerable weight in the planning process.

New planning applications are discussed at its bi-monthly council meetings and, where timing dictates, special meetings may be held to review specific planning applications.

Planning Applications

Search Planning Applications

See the  YDNP  Planning Portal
To see all current applications select ‘Advanced Search’, then:
Status=Registered and Parish=”Asby”.

Note: For full details of applications determined prior to 1 August 2016 check EDC’s site.

Comment on an Application

Wish to comment on a current application?

Do you want to object to an application?

You can do so via the YDNP Planning Portal (you will need to register to do so).

The Planning Process

Do you need to submit a planning application?

Want to know more about the planning process?

All is explained on the YDNP website.

Planning Surgeries

YDNP  operate regular, free planning surgeries allow members of the public to get verbal planning advice on householder or small-scale development proposals (though for a written response a pre-application inquiry will need to be submitted).

These are held fortnightly in Orton with alternatuve sessions also available in Sedbergh and Bainbridge.  Click here for the current schedule.

Learn more about the Planning System

To assist anyone who needs to interface with the planning system in England, the Government have provided the following resources:

  • Plain English Guide to the Planning System
    This summarises the purpose of the planning system and how it works.  It also explains such concepts as Strategic Planning, Local Plans, and Permitted Development Rights.  (Though note that the rules on permitted development are different in Conservation Areas such as Great Asby.)
  • Planning Practice Guidance
    A searchable A-Z of typical planning matters.  This has been produced for the benefit of planning authorities, developers, and the public alike.
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