Emergency Plan

Emergency Plan

At its meeting of 2 July 2020 the parish council adopted an Emergency Plan for our community.  Its purpose is that, in the event of an emergency occurring in the civil parish of Asby, there is a clear understanding of the roles and responsibilities of the various support agencies.  It also presents a plan to enlist local people to help others in the community – including a list of contacts should residents require help in the event of an emergency.

The plan is intended to provide a self-help response, during any emergency affecting the parish community when the normal response of the Emergency Services and County/District Councils is delayed due to the scope or nature of that emergency.

Could you Help in an Emergency?

Do you have skills or resources that would be useful to our community in the event of an emergency (e.g. a flood)?   Perhaps you have a tractor + flatbed trailer that could assist in moving furniture quickly, or maybe you are a skilled chainsaw operator, or JCB operator with suitable equipment?
If so, Fitz would like to hear from you. 
You may choose to have your details published as part of the Plan (Appendix C) or simply be kept on a private list, to be called upon should the need arise.


NOTE:  To download this document / print it please click here. 

Contact ATG

Please feel free to contact the Group Officers, as follows:

Chair – Position vacant

Secretary – Keith Cooper

Treasurer – Lisa Harrington

Donations to ATG

If you would like to support the work of the Tree Group by making a donation to help cover the costs of essential tree guards or the purchase of trees for planting, that would be very much appreciated.

Account details are:
Account Name: Asby Tree Group
Sort code: 20-55-41
Account number : 50979708

ATG Activities

We will be working with local landowners to identify small areas of land that can be used to plant trees or hedges. Occasional requests will go out to members, seeking volunteers to survey areas of land to assess the age and health of trees and to identify possible planting areas, as well as to take part in planting trees and hedges. These activities will normally be scheduled to last for no more than three hours.

The Tree Group has insurance to cover members carrying out these activities.

ATG Membership

A membership form can be downloaded here,
or obtained from the Secretary:
Keith Cooper

There is currently no membership fee.

COVID Policy (Feb.2022)

Unfortunately Covid-19 has not gone away, and we still want everyone to feel safe whilst being able to enjoy the film.

  • We use ‘cabaret-style’ seating around suitably spaced tables.
  • We recommend that you continue to wear a face covering when moving around the village hall, though this may be removed whilst you are seated.
  • It would also be appreciated if you could complete an antigen (lateral flow) test before attending.  (We are more than happy to refund your ticket should your test unfortunately prove positive.)

Opening Hours Xmas 2021

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