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Limited seating

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Saturday 14 November

7:30 pm
(Doors open 7 pm)

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To comply with COVID-19 guidance, please do NOT select a seat where the adjacent one of that pair is already booked.


[Whilst we very much prefer that you book online, we appreciate that some people may be reluctant to do so.
In this case please contact us with your choice of seats (Email: ) and we will try to accommodate you.]


PLEASE NOTE: Due to our limited capacity we unfortunately cannot guarantee that we will have seats available if you simply turn up on the night.

No seats left, but you’d still like to see the film?


We might be able to arrange a second screening of this film the following evening.
The more people on the waiting list the greater the chances of a second screening.

Please click below to add your name, along with the number of places you’d like, to our Waiting List.

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