Parish Council Meetings


Asby Parish Council Meetings

The Council holds meetings every two months in Great Asby Village Hall. When necessary, extra sessions may be held to discuss planning matters.

Meetings normally take place on the first Thursday of the month, starting at 7pm.

Below you will find agendas and minutes of the current year’s meetings.  These can be downloaded from this site (when published).  Only business contained on the agenda can be considered at the meeting.  Please forward any items for the agenda to the Clerk at least two weeks before the meeting.

Can I speak at a Meeting?

Residents are encouraged and welcome to attend all meetings.  The Chair will invite any questions, comments, or suggestions on any subject from the public attending.  However, these are not public meetings so there will generally be no further opportunity for members of the public to speak once this agenda item is closed.  Of course, residents don’t have to wait until a meeting to raise issues, and may contact any of the Councillors or the Clerk whenever they wish.

Parish Council Meetings 2020-21

Regular bi-monthly meeting dates are shown in bold.

NOTE: During the period of COVID-19 ‘Lockdown’ meetings will be held via Zoom video conferencing, with option telephone (audio only) access.  Details to be provided in the meeting agendas.

DateAgendaMinutesSupporting Documents
Click on any document to download/print.
7  May 2020 @ 7pm
Annual Meeting


Standing Orders, Financial Regulations, Complaints Procedure,
Freedom of Information PolicyData Protection Policy
7 May 2020
Ordinary Meeting
24 June 2020
Exceptional Meeting
PublishedPublishedExemption Certificate (AGAR 2019-20)
2 July 2020PublishedPublishedEmergency Plan v1.2Asset Register 2020-21,
3 September 2020PublishedDraft
7 December 2020
(Via Zoom)
4 February 2021
(Via Zoom)
PublishedDraftBudget 2021 (as revised post-meeting)

Parish Council Meetings 2019-20

Regular bi-monthly meeting dates are shown in bold.

DateAgendaMinutesSupporting Documents
Click on any document to download/print.
27 Sep 2019 @ 6pm
Ordinary Meeting 
Annual MeetingPublished


11 October 2019 @ 6pm
Special Meeting

22 November 2019
@ 7:30pm

27 January 2020 @ 7pmPublishedPublished
17 February 2020 @ 7pm
Extraordinary Mtg.
PublishedPublishedDeclaration of Acceptance of Office,   Developing your Skills Programme,  Transparency Forum
5 March @ 8pmPublishedDraft

Annual Parish Meeting May 2019.

In parish council election having been called for 1 May 2019, and with no candidates coming forward, no Annual Parish Meeting could be held in 2019.

Parish Council Meetings Archive

Please follow the links below to view the archive of parish council meeting papers for the relevant year.







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