The Thrive Hive


About Us

The Thrive Hive is a collective of independent and experienced work (occupational) psychologists.
[‘occupational psychologist’ is a recognised title for psychologists like us who are officially registered with our regulator, The Health and Care Professions Council].  [ Link to video – What is an Occ Psych ]

Some of The Thrive Hive members have known each other for many years but most of us met through working as associates on an employability contract offering career transition services to disabled soldiers and veterans. Over the best part of 6 years, we’ve bonded through this work as colleagues and become friends.

Hatched out of COVID-19

Like so many people, lockdown meant we could no longer see each other through work. The pandemic essentially created the Hive by giving us a reason to connect on a regular basis to talk about the dreaded COVID and impacts on work. We realised our shared dedication to support and enable organisations, individuals and workplaces to thrive. This is how the Thrive Hive was born.

Our approach is evidence-based, solution-focused and person / organisation-centred. We share our knowledge and expertise through training delivery, consultancy, and one-to-one interventions such as cognitive and vocational assessment and coaching. We also realised that our experience could be put to good use not just with long-term disabled employees but also those with newly acquired health challenges like people with so-called Long COVID.

Want to know more?

Use the tiles in the ‘hive’ image above to find out more about our services and about each member of the Thrive Hive Psychology Team.


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