Terms & Conditions of Membership


  1. A “member” is anyone who registers with asbyparish.org.uk either using the registration form provided on its website, or via any other means made available by the legal owners of that domain.
  2. A member must be a sole individual who provides his/her name and personal email address.  In the interests of privacy, and more especially to mitigate against the generation of spam messaging, the member’s email address will be encrypted within the asbyparish.org.uk website.
  3. Members who interact with the site, e.g. by posting comments against any of the pages/postings on this site, should be aware that their name will appear against such interactions for anyone to see.
  4. Members are automatically subscribed to the Asby Parish Message Service (APMS).  They then become “subscribers” to the APMS.  Should a member unsubscribe from from the APMS his/her membership may be revoked.

Submitting and distributing messages via the APMS

  1. Only subscribers to the APMS may submit messages via the asbyparish.org.uk website for distribution to other subscribers.  (Such a person is described in these Terms & Conditions as the “submitter” of his/her message.)
  2. Approved messages will be distributed to all APMS subscribers via the medium of email.  (See “Moderation of Messages”.)
  3. The name of the member submitting the message may be included in the email distributed by the Service, should this be requested by the submitter, or should this be deemed appropriate by the owners and/or the operators of asbyparish.org.uk website.
  4. The email address of the submitter will not be divulged in the email distributed by the Service, unless specifically requested by the submitting member, or is deemed necessary for subscribers to have available the necessary point of contact when responding to a specific message.
  5. Whilst the aim is to distribute messages within 24 hours of their submission, this service level cannot be guaranteed at all times.
  6. No charge will be made for distribution messages under the APMS.

Transfer of personal data to Mailchimp

  1.  The distribution of emails to APMS subscribers will be done via the MailChimp service and a footer will appear on the email to this effect.
  2. In subscribing to the APMS, members agree for their personal details (i.e. name and email address) being transferred to and stored by the Mailchimp service.
  3. This personal data will be used by Mailchimp for the sole purpose of distributing informational emails to APMS members.

Content of Messages

  1. No message should include any abusive or offensive language.
  2. No message should include a personal attack on a fellow subscriber(s) to the APMS, nor to any other individual or organisation.
  3. A message should be relevant to the residents of Asby Parish, and should not have been submitted entirely for the financial gain of the submitter, his/her family, business, or associates.
  4. The APMS is designed for the distribution of informational emails, and specifically should not be used as a platform to promote any political, philosophical, or religious views or beliefs.

Moderation of Messages

  1. All messages will be moderated by an owner and/or operator of asbyparish.org.uk.
  2. Should the moderator of any message determine it to have contravened any of the the rules outlined in these Terms & Conditions then it will not be distributed.

Submission of Event Details

  1. Only members may submit details of forthcoming events for inclusion in the asbyparish.org.uk’s calendars of events.
  2. Members must be logged on to the website before they are allowed to submit event details.
  3. A limited number of members will be assigned the ability to enter event details directly onto the website.  All others will have the ability to submit event details to the site’s Administrator(s) who will then, at the earlist opportunity, create the necessary events on the website calendar(s).

Legal Stuff

  1. Asbyparish.org.uk, its owners and/or operators take no responsibility for the content, links to, or use of the content of the messages distributed via the APMS.  They do not endorse the opinions of the submitter of any message.  The submitter remains solely responsible for the content of his/her message and agrees to indemnify and hold harmless asbyparish.org.uk and their agents with respect to any claim based upon the onward transmission of the submitter’s message(s).
  2. Asbyparish.org.uk, its owners and/or operators reserve the right not to distribute any message for any or no reason whatsoever. They also reserve the right to disable any member’s account for any or no reason whatsoever.
  3. Asbyparish.org.uk, its owners and/or operators cannot be deemed responsible for the accuracy of any information supplied by members as part of an event’s details.
  4. Asbyparish.org.uk, its owners and/or operators cannot be deemed responsible for any loss resulting from a delay in distributing any message submitted for distribution under the APMS.

Contact ATG

Please feel free to contact the Group Officers, as follows:

Chair – Dave Freak

Secretary – Keith Cooper

Treasurer – Louise Reeve

Donations to ATG

If you would like to support the work of the Tree Group by making a donation to help cover the costs of essential tree guards or the purchase of trees for planting, that would be very much appreciated.

Account details are:
Account Name: Asby Tree Group
Sort code: 20-55-41
Account number : 50979708

ATG Activities

We will be working with local landowners to identify small areas of land that can be used to plant trees or hedges. Occasional requests will go out to members, seeking volunteers to survey areas of land to assess the age and health of trees and to identify possible planting areas, as well as to take part in planting trees and hedges. These activities will normally be scheduled to last for no more than three hours.

The Tree Group has insurance to cover members carrying out these activities.

ATG Membership

A membership form can be downloaded here,
or obtained from the Secretary:
Keith Cooper

There is currently no membership fee.

COVID Policy (Feb.2022)

Unfortunately Covid-19 has not gone away, and we still want everyone to feel safe whilst being able to enjoy the film.

  • We use ‘cabaret-style’ seating around suitably spaced tables.
  • We recommend that you continue to wear a face covering when moving around the village hall, though this may be removed whilst you are seated.
  • It would also be appreciated if you could complete an antigen (lateral flow) test before attending.  (We are more than happy to refund your ticket should your test unfortunately prove positive.)

Opening Hours Xmas 2021

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