“Flock of Sheep”


Pew Runner - Flock of Sheep

Created May 2011

This is one of the most admired pew runners. The money for this pew runner was kindly donated by Dorothy Alderson, she had never made any felt before but managed to make the large Swaledale with the black face on the right, very good for a first attempt.

We made grey, white and black pre felts then cut out the different sheep. Needle felting was used for the detail. Many different breeds can be found in our flock of sheep all of these can be seen in and around the village. These are, Blue faced Leicester’s (with a Roman nose and rabbit ears), Herdwick (the pretty ones with dark fleece and white faces), Rough Fell, Texels, Swaledale, Gotland (the dark sheep that looks like a bear), and lots of cross breeds.

There are 25 sheep here, but sometimes I can count 26, enough for a flock.

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