“Asby Buildings 100 years Ago”


Pew Runner - Asby Buildings 100 years Ago

Created September 2011

Nearly 2 years since the first pew runner was made and everyone’s felting skills have developed tremendously. Our Green Space commissioned an artist to sketch the old buildings of the village as they would have been 100 years ago – some of them have hardly changed. This piece started off as pew runner, because of all the intricate detail and extra work that has gone into this one we decided to make it in to a wall hanging.

We all made white pre felt as a base then cut out the shape of the windows and doors,   the roof tiles were needle felted on. Can anyone recognise the school, the church, the pub, the almshouses, the rectory, St Helen’s well or the smithy. There are other farms and cottages from the village along with a dog, cat, pig, horse and a farmer’s wife.

Note – house sizes are not to scale and site may vary from actual location.

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