Parish Councillors & Clerk (Interim)

Parish Councillors

Asby Parish Council is constituted to have five councillors who stand for election every four years. Councillors respond to the needs and views of the local community, discuss issues, comment on proposals, and make decisions collectively as the Council.
All councillors are bound by a Code of Conduct.

Parish Council Election Candidates – 6 February 2020

An election of parish councillors will take place on Thursday 6 February.

PDF Download IconThere are four nominations for the three vacant places on the council.
They are listed in this PDF document; and you can find more about them in the section below.


Silhouette of a man & a woman

Each candidate has written a short ‘personal statement’ about themselves and their association with Asby.
Click on a candidate’s name to read his/her statement.

Andy Dorset photoI joined Asby Parish 7 years ago when Kay and I bought Scalebeck Holiday Cottages. We were drawn to Asby by the peace and tranquillity, the wonderful countryside, as well as the friendliness and warmth of everyone we met.

I currently work in Newcastle during the week as a technical project manager for an international consumer goods company where I have 33 years’ experience.  I am planning to retire within 2 years and look forward to becoming a more active member of the community.  So when I learned there was a possibility to become a parish councillor I decided to put myself forward for your consideration.

During my working life I have learned that listening to all points-of-view and seeking to fully understand a problem is key to finding the best solution.  Then even more listening and lots of talking is needed to reach consensus and to get everyone on board with implementing the decision.

As a parish councillor I would strive to listen to as many opinions as possible, both at formal council meetings and by reaching out to community groups, as well as informal interactions around the parish.  Above all I would seek to act in the best interest of the community, and, with my fellow councillors, help Asby Parish thrive during our tenure.

I look forward to your support on February 6.

Garret Fitzpatrick photo

My name is Garret Fitzpatrick, more commonly known as “Fitz”.  I have lived in Great Asby since August 2016.

I put my name forward to be a Parish Councillor, because I believe that the best placed people to represent the interests of the village are people that live in the Parish.  I would welcome the opportunity to represent you on the Parish Council.

In return:

  • I promise to listen with an open mind, understand local issues, promote fairness and equality.
  • I also want to preserve the local environment for future generations to enjoy, as I have the privilege of enjoying now.
  • I hope to make the Parish Council meetings more inclusive, relevant and interesting, in order to increase local participation.
  • I will work on your behalf, to make Asby a better place for all.

Thank you,

Jamie Goddard photoI am Jamie Goddard, I am 41 years old and I live at Howslacks with my partner Sarah.
I have worked in the landscaping sector for over twenty years and currently work for a local company that builds gardens all over the county.  We bought Howslacks in 2011 and renovated the house over the next few years.

Since moving to Great Asby I have enjoyed a strong sense of community that is apparent in the many enjoyable village events and societies.  I believe it is important to try and maintain this valuable resource.
Our community is made up of different people from many different walks of life and backgrounds.  The long-established working farms in the parish sit alongside more recent arrivals who have chosen this great place to live.  I believe it is important to listen to and respect the views of everyone and to act in the best interests of the parish as a whole, to maintain what we have, but also to embrace ideas that may make Asby an even better place to live.

Dianne Maughan photoI was born and bred in this area, I married an Asby farmer, and have lived here in Asby parish for 22 years.  We have a sixteen year old son who attended Great Asby school.  My involvement with the school continues to this day as I have enjoyed working there for the last sixteen years as cleaner in charge.

I have volunteered and fundraised in the community for all ages and various organizations like Jelly Tots (mother and toddler group), Asby outing fund(a group that used to arrange village trips and Christmas parties), and the Friends of Asby School.
I became a governor and a trustee for the Almshouses, both about eight years ago,and now serve as Chair for the trustees.  I enjoy attending a variety of events that are taking place to mingle with residents of the parish.

With your support I’m ready to take on a new challenge, in making Asby parish an even better place to live.
I feel I have a vast knowledge and understanding of the needs of the people who live in Asby  so therefore I would welcome your vote  on 6th of February.

Interim Parish Councillors 2019:

Dalefoot, Crosby Ravensworth, Penrith  CA10 3HY

District Councillor’s Register of Interests 


4 Croft End, Bampton, Penrith  CA10 2RS

County Councillor’s Register of Interests 

Silhouette of a man Lordmire, Great Asby, CA16 6ET

Parish Councillor’s Register of Interests 

Silhouette of a manLow Griseburn, Asby, Appleby-In-Westmorland, CA16 6QD

Parish Councillor’s Register of Interests 

The Council employs a Clerk who ensures that it carries out its business lawfully, provides advice and administrative support, implements the Council’s decisions, and manages its finances.

The current Parish Clerk is:

Silhouette of a woman

High Paradise, Garsdale, Sedbergh  LA10 5PH


Contact ATG

Please feel free to contact the Group Officers, as follows:

Chair – Dave Freak

Secretary – Keith Cooper

Treasurer – Louise Reeve

Donations to ATG

If you would like to support the work of the Tree Group by making a donation to help cover the costs of essential tree guards or the purchase of trees for planting, that would be very much appreciated.

Account details are:
Account Name: Asby Tree Group
Sort code: 20-55-41
Account number : 50979708

ATG Activities

We will be working with local landowners to identify small areas of land that can be used to plant trees or hedges. Occasional requests will go out to members, seeking volunteers to survey areas of land to assess the age and health of trees and to identify possible planting areas, as well as to take part in planting trees and hedges. These activities will normally be scheduled to last for no more than three hours.

The Tree Group has insurance to cover members carrying out these activities.

ATG Membership

A membership form can be downloaded here,
or obtained from the Secretary:
Keith Cooper

There is currently no membership fee.

COVID Policy (Feb.2022)

Unfortunately Covid-19 has not gone away, and we still want everyone to feel safe whilst being able to enjoy the film.

  • We use ‘cabaret-style’ seating around suitably spaced tables.
  • We recommend that you continue to wear a face covering when moving around the village hall, though this may be removed whilst you are seated.
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