Parish Council Meetings 2016-17

Asby Parish Council Meetings 2016-17

Date Agenda Minutes Supporting Documents
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12 May 2016
Annual Meeting
Published  Published
26 May 2016
Extraordinary Meeting
Published  Published  Accounts (draft)Governance Statement (draft),
Accounting Statement,
Internal Audit 2015-16, Audit Plan 2016-17
9 June 2016
Planning Meeting
 Published  Published
30 June 2016
Planning Meeting
 Published  Published
14 July 2016  Published  Published  1st Qtr. Accounts, 1st Qtr. Bank Reconciliation
4 August 2016
Planning Meeting
 Published  Published
18 August 2016
Planning Meeting
 Published  Published
15 September 2016  Published  Published
6 October 2016
Extraordinary Meeting
(Three Greyhounds)
Published  Published  Original Nomination Form, Julie Rothwell’s Letter to EDC,
EDC  Letter to Parish Council.
17 November 2016  Published  Published  2nd. Qtr. Accounts2nd. Qtr. Bank Reconciliation,
Internal Audit Half Year Report
12 January 2017  Published  Pubished
16 March 2017  Published Published  Risk Register, Asset Register

Annual Parish Meeting 2016

There was also a well attended Parish Meeting on 20 April 2016.   The main topic for the evening was a presentation  given by Kathryn Beardmore, Director of Park Services with the Yorkshire Dales National Park.  A copy of Kathryn’s presentation and the minutes of the meeting are available to download:

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