Len Gibson – My Life in WWII


Len Gibson, father of Three Greyhounds landlord Dave, was invited by Asby History Group to regale us with some of his wartime experiences.  Being a natural raconteur, Len was only too pleased to do so.   His presentation took place in Asby Village Hall on 1 May 2019.  However, due to unforeseen circumstance, this was cut short.  He was however keen to pick up his tale later the following month, this time in the convivial atmosphere of the Three Greyhounds Inn.

Watch the Video

Len Gibson - My Life

Video footage courtesy of Steve Lucas and a Geoff Johnson.

Chapter List

Click on one of the links below to start streaming the video from a particular chapter in Len’s tale:

. 00:00:00 Introduction and Len’s “Warm-Up”.

. 00:03:19 Abandon Ship! & Why I Joined the Army.

 00:13:19 Your Country Needs You – to be a Pilot.

 00:20:47 To the River Kwai & the Concert Party.

 00:32:49 Christmas in Wampon & the arrival of cholera .

 00:40:38 Moving to a new camp.


 00:47:02 Finishing the Burma Railway.

 00:49:30 Nakon Paton Camp & Long lost Friends.

 00:58:05 Len’s Orchestra plays “Monsoon”.

  01:01:47  Perils and Pleasures of Road Building.

 01:08:47  VJ Day!  –  Can it be True?.

 01:14:42  A Dakota to Rangoon & the Concert Party reuinited.

 01:18:46  Ceylon, and Home at last.

 01:22:21  Epilogue – Len’s Poem.


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