“Autumn Leaves”


Pew Runner - "Atumn Leaves"

Created November 2008

The first pew runner workshop was held in Great Asby village hall on a dark, cold, damp November evening in 2008, with over 20 volunteers.

Using the outlines of fallen leaves as a templates, pre-felted pieces of felt were made in red, yellow, brown and green and leaf shapes cut out. The veins of the leaves were created using needle felting to make them more defined.   A background of shades of blues depicts the beck scattered with leaf shapes recreate falling autumn leaves.

The leaves found in this pew runner are ash, oak with acorns, birch, sycamore, dog rose, prunus, gelder rose, blackthorn with sloe berries, holly with berries, ivy, elder flower, horse chestnut with conkers, lime, yew, hawthorn and beech.

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