The Asby Calendar 2021


The Asby Calendar 2021
Asby Calendar 2021 - Cover

Great Asby
Photo: Chris Hollett


The Asby Calendar is one result of an annual exhibition of photographs of views of, in, and around the parish of Asby in theUpper Eden Valley.  All the pictures were taken by local residents.
Proceeds from the sale of the calendar support the work of St Peter’s Church.


January 2021
Asby Calendar - January 2021

Mist and Sun over the Pennines
Photo: Chris Hollett

February 2021
Asby Calendar - February 2021

Little Asby Common 
Photo: Sue Jackson

March 2021
Asby Calendar - March 2021

Church through Gate
 Photo: Emily Wilkinson

April 2021
Asby Calendar - April 2021

Family Group
Photo: Chris Hollett

May 2021
Asby Calendar - May 2021

Bluebells by Great Kettle
Photo: John Bevan

June 2021
Asby Calendar - June 2021

Resting Fawn
  Photo: Andrew Brown

July 2021
Asby Calendar - July 2021

Gone for a Pint
Photo: Christine Clark

August 2021
Asby Calendar - August 2021

In a Back Garden
Photo: Keith Cooper

September 2021
Asby Calendar - September 2021

Copper Mines Lane
Photo: Anne Hulse

October 2021
Asby Calendar - October 2021

Looking across Potts Valley
  Photo: Sue Jackson

November 2021
Asby Calendar - November 2021

Sunrise over Asby Hall 
Photo: Piers Palmer

December 2021
Asby Calendar - December 2021

Moving the Flock 
Photo: Anne Hulse

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They may not be copied or used in any way without the photographer’s permission.


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